Have you ever thought about owning an affordable cabin with a water view and private beach in Birch Bay that you could VRBO for some cash?  This could be your new side hussle.  You could also use the cabin for a personal get away for yourself, your kids, other friends, and family members for free.  I have had rental properties but I have not yet ventured out into the VRBO world.  For me, the obstacle has always been the cost to buy the property. 

What if you could buy an affordable water view cabin with a private beach in Birch Bay a couple hundred yards from the water’s edge.  Remember, this is a private beach that you own.  The cost for this opportunity is $225,000?  This could work!   This could work for just about anyone.  My question would be how much rent would the cabin with stunning water view and private beach bring in during peak season?

I just jumped on VRBO just to find out what it might cost to rent a place and when I checked you could get a 2 bedroom 1 Bath condo 700 square feet for 90 bucks per night so rent a place on the beach in Birch Bay.  Ahhh darn it no water view!  Found another one Birch Bay cabin with views 2 Bedroom 1 bath   $150.00 per night.  So a 4 day stay might be $600 bucks.  I have had one aquatiance share with me that they own a VRBO and the summer income covers their mortgage for the entire year.  I’m not saying that would be the case here, but it might be the case!   

I will be hosting an “open cabin” Tonight Friday 4/12/2019 for my new listing located at 8291 Deer Trail Lane in Blaine from 4-7.  Come hang out with me and watch the sunset and we can talk about different possibilities, the pro’s and potentially con’s of owning an affordable VRBO water view cabin with private beach a possibility.  $225,000 and it is a cabin so leave the BMW at home, put on your flip flops “slippers” some jeans and a t-shirt and come on out!  It’s April so bring your sweat shirt.  https://www.greatnwhomes.com/listing/mlsid/185/propertyid/1437269/